Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy, sunny days

Ok Just in case I've contributed to y'all thinkin' it rains on our glorious Emerald Isle all the time, I'm chucking up a few recent photos of the summer we're having. Yes, along with the UK, Ireland is actually having a proper summer this year!!!

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  1. I have a feeling you maybe spoke too soon. Oh, the sun was glorious while it lasted, don't get me wrong, but we now seem to be stuck in (the usual) perpetual drizzle. I'm just back from Bandon and the people looked entirely drookit - summer a distant, painfully longed-for memory.

    Hold onto your photographs, Gillian. They may yet become important artefacts as future historians try to discern when we last had any sun on this clump of sodden earth.

    Kind regards etc....