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Nick Williams, author, spiritual life coach and co-founder of Inspired Entrepreneur, a network which provides support, seminars and training to people who want to change their lives by following their hearts, kindly agreed to answer some questions I posed to him. I hope you will find inspiration in the following Q&A with Nick which is followed by my video pitch of a story of personal transformation I have entered in The Next Top Spiritual Author competition, I hope you will find inspiration here also.

What do I feel the ultimate purpose of human life to be?

To remember that in this world of seeming separation, that we are divine spiritual beings, all part of the same one creation, that we are the light. We remember our true identity by letting go of erroneous ideas, beliefs and thoughts about who we believe we are and by sharing our creative gifts with each other. It is to remember that we are loved, we are loving and that ultimately we are love, and that the creator places no conditions on their love for us.

What is the greatest fear that I have overcome?

Probably listening to, trusting and acting from the wisdom of my heart when I was in the corporate world and left the conventional career path. I had a good job and the trappings of success, but I didn’t have the experience of feeling a success and fulfilled. It took all the courage I could muster to leave it behind and trust both in my own resources and unseen powers and that there was a greater life beckoning me. I followed a crazy dream of inspiring people, teaching, being creative and creating a truly meaningful life, but discovered that was in fact my life purpose and calling beckoning me. As I have had the courage to follow it, I continue to be transformed.

What is the single most important insight I would like to share with people?

That your existence is a blessing and you do have purpose for being here. But that purpose may be the thing that scares you most, that you most resist and try to logically talk yourself out of, but is in fact the truest direction of your life and the direction that will lead to your greatest fulfilment. Your hearts deepest dream may well not be a fantasy but your soul revealing to you the grandest path for your life. And you can create an abundant living doing the work you were born to do.

Nick Williams is co-founder of Inspired Entrepreneur and is passionate about helping people find the work they were born to do and build successful businesses around it.

If you are not yet clear about the work you were born to do, you can download your free copy of a nine part programme to help you discover it and become an inspired entrepreneur now at: www.inspired-entrepreneur.com

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