Sunday, November 15, 2009


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Always be kind, as everyone you meet is involved in a great struggle”

Words to that effect have been attributed to people as varied as Plato, the Dalai Lama and Jack Kerouac – the point being, that there is a longstanding recognition that we are all struggling to ‘better’ ourselves in one way or another and, whether we are aware of it or not, the ultimate goal of all struggle is, like that of a salmon struggling upstream, to return home, to become Love.

Bringing in the light occasions challenges on multiple levels, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual as the ‘Ego’ fights to maintain dominance over our lives. Resistance and self sabotage are well recognised; a multitude of tomes have been written and read on the subject, and workshops are ongoing on a daily basis in an effort to help people to rise above the dragging effects of negative consciousness.

Engaging in Positive Thinking is the new ‘tablet’ with which we are to dose ourselves in order to overcome low self esteem and inertia. Turn that frown upside down, change negative thoughts to positive. If thinking were all that were necessary to effect such change, we could simply ‘talk ourselves ‘round’ to anything we want to accomplish, and with the good of humanity in mind – there would be no more atrocities committed and we would all live happily ever after. Unfortunately, things are a bit more complicated than that. When as children, we learned to inculcate damaging perceptions into our subsconscious minds, merely changing our thinking on the surface level won’t suffice to transform those powerful subconscious perceptions.

The low vibrational energies we inherit as humans are a legacy of aeons of human evolution, which are self perpetuating. As evolving spiritual beings having a human experience, it is inevitable that we share in experiencing the entire spectrum of emotions, from states of joy through to deep self hatred. Over millennia, we have experienced them all; through lifetimes, we work to climb out of the abyss to higher states of being. Why we chose the experience in the first place, I do not know, but this appears to me, to be what we have chosen and the epic struggle with which we are engaged.

I’ve noticed as my insights become deeper and my consciousness more ‘elevated’, as the light comes in, and my body adjusts to a higher calibration, I have had to face physical challenges in the form of recurring illness. The illness is accompanied by depression and ‘attack thoughts’ which I have to negotiate. Recently, during such an episode, I mulled over the whole endeavour of attempting to ascend spiritually, to raise ones vibrations and effect some good in the world and the forces of resistance which kick in in order to hamper such progress. The vision which came to mind describing the process of counteracting Resistance with Will Power is that of the Roman bridge or arch, in which resistance of opposing forces is used to keep the structure in place. The effect of two opposing forces resisting each other has the effect of creating an impasse, or state of stuckness as energy thus engaged becomes frozen in place thereby preventing the necessary movement for consciousness to evolve to a higher sphere.

In order for real transformation and insight to occur a third element has to enter the equasion; that of divine light, (which is above either conscious or subconscious thought) and the self compassion the invocation of the light endows. As Elizabeth Gilbert realized when she sat on the beach all night, inviting the rejected parts of herself to come to receive her love, greeting the abandoned aspects of our psyche with compassion means gently assuring the fearful, isolated frightened child aspects of ourselves that they are part of the whole, this allows our adult selves to recognise our wholeness and power. The activation of divine love aligns us with the light which is higher consciousness, and elevates our conscious awareness to embrace the entirety of existence. We can now hold more and more light thereby becoming more effective lightworkers and happier, more joyous individuals.

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  1. Beautiful post - so true. Thank you Gillian - I feel better for reading it. xxx